I know this time is trying and you can`t really do much or go much anywhere so try singing - improving your voice - guys a very special offer to get yourself to working and improving your voice during the Corona Pandemy either offline or online - both are possible.

Online is through Zoom Platform - You get a link from me and we meet together in Zoom. you need a laptop with Microphone and webcam. -

Viele von Euch haben bereits gesehen, was Menschen beeindruckendes mit ihren Stimmen durch meinen Kurs erreichen können Nun könnt Ihr das auch!
Many of you have seen how people have made amazing improvements in their voices in my courses and lessons and now you can too.

  • Get A Richer And More Resonant Voice - Erlange eine reichere und resonantere Stimme
  • Sing With More Power With Less Effort - Singe mit mehr Power und weniger Anstrengung
  • Dramatically Improve Your Range - Verbessere deine Stimmrange dramatisch
  • Gain Greater Pitch Accuracy And Truly SING With Greater FREEDOM! - Erreiche größere Genauigkeit und sing wahrhaftig mit mehr Frieden!
  • Sing high notes with less effort  - Singe höhere Töne mit weniger Anstrengung  
  • Become free, and confident on stage  - Werde sicher und frei auf der Bühne!


Anyone who signs up for 6 Months Package gets my
YES YOU CAN SING Vocal Exercises CD for FREE.  

- Jeder, der sich für ein 6 Monat Paket anmeldet, erhält meine
YES YOU CAN SING Vocal - Exercise CD gratis dazu!



  • Breathing, Voice Training, Groove, Register Change, Artikulation
  • Working on songs of your choice from Jazz, Pop and Blues
  • Online lessons will be recorded and sent to you
  • Each lesson is 45 min either live with me or online or live

Want to learn more first? 
SIGN UP FOR A FREE 30 minute COACHING SESSION to see how I can help you.

Look forward to hearing from you either with signing up for some lessons and a FREE Coaching Call.
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"💕 Judy, 💕 Just want to say a huge, huge thank-you for letting me be a part of this online course with you. Your teaching is FIRST class, fun and so real! I so appreciate too that you understood I would not be participating at this time the way maybe I could or wanted to. 😘 It has been so very healing and therapeutic even from the back row learning from you and others in here as they grew and evolved over the last month with your course. So exciting! Your “joie de vivre”, generosity, knowledge and experience is such a beautiful gift you have shared with so many. Heartfelt thanks 💖" - Sunny Days

"Judy Rafat Thank you for applying your vocal training to teaching Jazz. The things you're teaching are so valuable. Previous vocal training left me a little lost in how to apply it -- until your course.”- Sarah Gartner

“Hallo Judy No Words can explain the love you had for us. I really appreciate and learned more from you. Once again thank you so much for the 4 weeks journey you took us. You've been my Best Teacher ever. May you be blessed” - Lakisha Meggy

".....SING LIKE A JAZZ PRO ....This has been such an amazing experience and workshop that is given from the heart...your heart Judy. It’s been a celebration that I was very excited to tune into and be a part of every second that you gave shared. There has been so much information that we carry with us long after this is finished, yet you shall always be with us...your teachings live in us. Judy, you were always there for everyone, always on point with gentle comments of improvement. Making the standards achievable to attain and always believing and sharing your positive uplifting knowledge. Setting our goals to achieve the learnings and making jazz friendships world wide. Judy, you are one in a zillion and thank you from the bottom of my heart. I do look forward to any future workshops , taking some private lessons and highly recommend you, dear one. Please Stay well and healthy...Sending love and hugs." - Francine Hailman

"Nowadays you can find millions of singing tutorials, coaches and advices. You can spent an endless amount of time watching all this stuff and trying to apply all this. But you will never be succeed in singing, without a structure and an individual approach. If you want to learn how to sing and how to sing Jazz especially I would highly recommend you Judy Rafat as a coach! She has a structure - she will take you by the hand and accompanies you step by step in this singing journey, she knows her stuff brilliant, she knows how to teach - theory, practical exercises, breathing, phrasing, improvising. She will help you to open all the colors of your voice - chest, head, belting voice, so that you can sing whatever you want so easy and confident! And the most important thing - Judy believes in each of her students, she will give you wings to fly! And once again. Judy, I am infinitely grateful for the knowledge and experience that you shared with me!" - Ekaterina


On Tour with Jazz Legend Dizzy Gillespie(trumpet), Judy Rafat (vocals), Thomas Alkier(drums), Mike Longo (piano), Jean Warland(bass), Heiner Wilberny(saxophone), and Charles Lake (road manager)

Member of the European Vocal Teachers Association

Judy Rafat, B.A. in Music (vocals), is a licensed vocal pedagogue and a member of the Association of German Singing Educators, member of the European Voice Teachers Association (EVTA). Vocal Pedagogical Certificate BDG Vocal Pedagogical Certificate BDG.

Judy Rafat is an internationally acclaimed jazz singer. A native of Canada, she studied classical music with voice and flute as a major subject and completed her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Western Ontario. In addition, she completed a jazz studies with a major in Jazz Vocal at Gerhard Mercator University.

Also, she was also a lecturer at the University of Essen / Duisburg and the Folkwang Music Academy in Essen for many years. She is a member of the Federal Association of German Vocal Educators. She has given Vocal Master Classes throughout Europe at the conservatory in Vienna. She has now given over 1,000 workshops – weekly and weekend classes, as well as eight summer vocal workshops in Mallorca.

She has received hundreds of excellent testimonials on her courses. Her students tell how her life has been changed by Judy’s teaching. Some of these students’ voices are reproduced on this website.

Many people have certainly experienced how liberating and exhilarating it is to sing. Whether professional or as a hobby, Judy Rafat – thanks to her many years of experience – has provided important vocal fundamentals. In their courses everyone learns how to develop their voices in a short time. Judy has recorded a practice CD.

In the exercises, she teaches how to train his voice in the shortest possible time. In just eight weeks you can develop a clear, powerful and beautiful voice!

She has 6 albums on the market - one of them being a Tribute to DIZZY GILLESPIE - CON ALMA with KENNY BARRON , RUFUS REID, IGNACIO BERROA, CLAUDIO RODITI, JON LEE, FRANK WESS, MIKE LONG.

Judy Rafat has performed extensively all over the world - 6 months in Shanghai, 6 months in Beijing - Grand Hyatt Hotel. Six months in Singapore - Shangri-la Hotel and 6 months in Shangri-la Hotel, Dubai performing 6 nights a week.


ALL PACKAGES INCLUDE: (valid 1 year)

  • Breathing, Voice Training, Groove, Register Change, Artikulation
  • Working on songs of your choice from Jazz, Pop and Blues
  • Online lessons will be recorded and sent to you
  • Each lesson is 45 min either live with me or online or live